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The postive ANA result, and the edema, swelling, is being caused by some underlying issue that is going on. Is the gluten the cause of all that? - t8tersalad
A positive ANA may be present in many autoimmune conditions, including celiac disease.

Whenever I hear edema, I think of B6 deficiency, because that is how it affected my daughter and I. B vitamin (and other) deficiencies are common in those with gluten sensitivity. If you aren't already, you might try using a good B-complex to see if you get any benefit.

I like Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex or Jarrow B-Right... because they use the methylcobalamin form of B12 and P5P form of B6. They are sold at many online stores.. just google it up.

Hang in there! You are moving in the right direction, but getting better is a process, and may involve additional discoveries along the way.
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