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My doc said, a reaction wouldn't last this long, last year when this all started. I'm allergic to seafood, the Chicken Thai dish had a very strong fishy smell. Me and my bf, both allergic. He called the restuarant and they advised of some fish oil/seasoning that they use in all dishes regardless, that it's very strong, but they only use a dash. BF told them, well, we never smelled it before and it apparently there was a lot in it. This was prior to my ears blocking and then the swollen lips. I'll have to read on MSG. I'm not taking a probiotic, I eat a yoplait whip every other day. They have not checked me for a Candida albicans overgrowth. Maybe I should be tested? I use sugar in my decaf coffee...2 small little spoons. I'm wondering if I should follow through with an appt at the immunologist? The postive ANA result, and the edema, swelling, is being caused by some underlying issue that is going on. Is the gluten the cause of all that? - t8tersalad
Oh boy - if you're allergic to seafood, that's a biggie - and usually an anaphpylactic, immediate IgE reaction! I found this on MSG - interesting that the writer states it is NOT an IgE reaction: . I would push for an ELISA food allergy test, which will show IgG reactions to food. My son tested positive for 25 different foods! My husband has a terrible reaction to MSG - headaches, diarrhea, exhaustion (he eats out much more often than I do). I think the Yoplait Whips are dessert-like in that they contain sugar - maybe try Acidophilus Pearls or a similar product - they are small and easy to swallow and don't contain sugar (which feeds the Candida which you are trying to eliminate). I will say that WE had a terrible experience with a so-called immunologist, who only "believed" in those ancient "scratch tests" - the ELISA test will check for an IgG reaction (not immediate) to foods using blood serum - the "scratch tests" only check for an immediate IgE reaction in the SKIN

As for the edema and whether it could be related to gluten, check out this forum where it is discussed:

It is almost a certainty that at least some of the current health problems you are experiencing are due to your body saying ENOUGH! We are now a nation of diabetics due to the fact that our collective pancreas cannot deal with the sugar (even as recently as 150 years ago, "sugar" whether from corn or beets or whatever - was rare - today it is in nearly every processed food). I think my son's problems were due to his favorite "foods" being Goldfish crackers (wheat) and chocolate chips Boy have we learned this the hard way!

So some helpful tests to request might be the Candida albicans*, the ELISA, maybe the Antigliadin IgG Antibody test (which is NOT the test for celiac, which would be a waste of money since the Enterolab results did not uncover "celiac" per se)...the Antigliadin IgG Antibody will show whether you are sensitive to gluten. If everything is within the normal parameters, I would start looking for toxins such as mercury, lead, etc., which can really muck with your health (it did for my son).

* Everyone has SOME Candida albicans; what they will be looking for is a Candida albicans OVERGROWTH. The use of probiotics gets rid of the good bacteria we need in our gut; and sugar finishes it off by encouraging the Candida albicans overgrowth. My son's lab results showed Candida albicans so abundant it was "dividing on the microscope slide."

Hang in there!

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