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Cara, who created this forum, has gathered data regarding diagnostic testing in the Gluten File "sticky" at the top of the threads - here's a shortcut (look under "Diagnostics"):

I must have misunderstood your first post when you mentioned "blood testing" - if they have not yet ordered a celiac panel test (blood test), make sure they include the Antigliadin IgG antibody test (as I mentioned in my last post) - it is most specific for gluten sensitivity/gluten intolerance. The other testing, including the new deamidated test, is more specific for villous atrophy (aka "flattened villi" caused by celiac). Also, Enterolab uses stool testing to check for problems with gluten - used by many people who don't have celiac disease but know they have a problem with gluten and want proof! Well worth the money, in my opinion. Cara's thread has information on that, too. The trick can be trying to get enough of a "stool" to send in, since my son's "stools" were...more like chocolate sodas.

Kinda outrageous they did an endoscopy without first doing a blood test! Sort of like doing a heart valve replacement before seeing if you have heart disease first.

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