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Hi Steph,

You got a good answer from Melissa. I tried the 12.5 mcg patch and had great difficulty; my body was drinking it all up in one day. So, I had some real problems with it. Anyway, what I think was happening was that I still having some post menopausal hot flashes. So, whether it is internal or external heat, it was drinking it up. And I think it was Pharmacist Steve that told me that but he can correct me if I am wrong. I read further and yep, the core body temperature starts to raise a little before the flash hits. So, MAYBE that was my problem. It is the only thing I can think of because I wasn't exposed to extreme sources of heat other than the daggone flashes. And I always put it on my upper arms. Anyway, the bottom line was...pain relief for one day and forget the rest. BUT...I AM glad it is working well for you and Melissa.
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