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I started Fentanyl about a 3 month ago. 25mcg every 3 days...I was taking 4 percs and a morph at night... And still just labored in pain in bed for most of the day for about 6 months after my second disc surgery that failed... Not to mention the sick feeling I had using those drugs...Your right about it being a Miracle and mine also starts to give out on the 3rd day but no where near the pain I use to be in so I just deal with it..

My Cardiologist doesn't like the Idea with all my heart problems..But I told him it was a quality of life issue and I couldn't be in the pain I was for much longer..

On the plus side for now I have lost 25lbs on these things..I need to actually get rid of 20 more...But it also kind of worries me...I never get hungry...As far as Hot baths and showers I have no problems ...Hotter the better..

But I have no side effects except losing weight and 95% pain loss..Its like I'm taking nothing.
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