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Thanks so much for the very detailed answer Melissa! When I told my doctor that I was going to Florida she said no beach so I know her position on that, but will contact the drug company to ask them specifics related to temperatures of other activities. It makes me feel better to know that you have been able to do some normal things while on it. I really am hoping that this is the answer for me, but was a little bummed that I would have to be so careful while I was just getting some relief finally.
I will be asking her about changing every 48 hours as I do notice a drop off on the third day. I think that she will agree, but even if she doesn't, I will be happy to have a couple of good days a week.
I am hoping that they come out with a long acting fentanyl pill in the future, which would be the best of both worlds. Am I getting greedy now lol?
Thanks again for your most helpful info and I am glad that it is working so well for you too.

Chronic Pain in back, nerve pain arms and legs. 5 herniations, DDD and other back issues. Current medsuragesic,Cymbalta,Zanaflex,Klonopin,Tramadol ,Lidoderm,Adderall
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