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Default Fentanyl and Exercise,Hot Showers

Hi everyone. I'm more of a lurker than poster, and I have learned so much here so I figured I would ask you all my questions. I have been a chronic pain patient since 2003. Was rear ended 2 times and have multiple disc problems and nerve damage in legs and arms. I have been on total disability since 2005.I've tried just about everything for the pain, but as you know, it never goes away. I just started Fentanyl about a month ago, and when it kicks in, it is a total miracle for me. I am on the 50 mcg every 3 days,but I think I need to switch to every 2 days because day 3 is getting worse and worse painwise. I have been doing everything that is recommended in regard to proper placement of the patch with a tagaderm patch. But I am still a bit paranoid. I have actually started to do some light yoga(have not been able to do any exercise because the pain that I got afterwords was horrible). My concern is about body temperature. Also, I take warm showers now(hate it) but again, I don't want to heat up too much. Am I being too paranoid about this? Also, I had planned to go to Florida next week,but I cancelled the trip because I am new to this med and again, I was afraid to go. It was to be my first trip in 8 years, but I was just too worried. I see my doc in a couple of weeks and will ask her too,but any feedback here would be helpful. Thanks so much

Chronic Pain in back, nerve pain arms and legs. 5 herniations, DDD and other back issues. Current medsuragesic,Cymbalta,Zanaflex,Klonopin,Tramadol ,Lidoderm,Adderall
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