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Default celiac update

Kathleen had her endoscopy and biopsy 2 weeks ago this Wednesday. The doc told us to put her on the diet right away since he could already see the damage to her intestines. This was confirmed when the biopsy came back posistive also. She's been on the diet for almost 2 weeks now and I can already see improvments. She's not having as much belly pain. For the first time in months she's waking up happy and getting out of bed without asking for a warm towel on her belly and rub her back. She's also got much more energy and happy to get out of the house do things without resistance. She would resist doing things often and we just thought "it was just her" KWIM? the biggest thing I've noticed though is she's not wanting to eat ALL the time. Kathleen would just finish breakfast and ask for either lunch or a snack. She seemed to want to eat all the time and never left anything on her plate. Now, sometimes she doesn't clean her plate and stops if she's full AND she goes hours after a meal before she asks for something else to eat. From what I understand since the disease causes malabsortion you don't feel satisfied. Her tummy has gone down considerable. The diet is a huge learning experience. I'm thankful that we have the summer to get used to it before I send her of to school. Oh and another thing that has changed already she's been having a BM ever 3 days or so as apposed to maybe once a week ( accompianied by lots of pain). I'll keep you posted on our experiences with this.
Mary Grace
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