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madhatter22070 10-11-2008 02:56 PM

Okay so Like i been gone a REALLY long time
I know I recognize a few of the names here. LIzard and Lemon tree one or two othes. Okay so An update on Ole Hatter. I had my 13 , 14, and 15 revisisions all from june first thru july 21 . I was in ICU With a Ventric for 38 days and had to have a bowle resection due to the gneral suigeon nicking it during the first surgery. I am Just now as of OCt. starting to feel my old self again , and am enfact going back to work for the first time in 4 month, on Monday.
then In August we lost our rental house because our land lard was about to lose it to foreclosure so we had to move out while I was still healing. So we packed our stuf with a lot of help fromour churh back home and moved back in with the inlaw s In NEw Hampshire. We moved here so my wife could take care of her dying mom. Since moving here. I have been hit in the head with a 15 section of tree that we were clearing on a work day with the hurh we are attending up here. then just this weel My son was struck by a car. He and I are both fine but as you can tell it's been a rough year. I will stop rambling for now . Hatter

joy 12-29-2008 05:57 PM

Hi Scott. I was just visiting this forum & read a bit while here.

I am hoping that both you & your son are healed from accidents by now.

It looks as if this forum is seldom visited. Myself I stay within the Emotrional Forum here with a good group of people. You might want to visit us there sometimes. Anyway I was just wanting to say good luck to you & your family. I hope your wife's mom is still with her or if not, I hope passing is not too hard on your wife. It takes a lot out of a person while trying to help with an ailing person without a good outlook on life.

Best of luck to you and yours this upcoming year.

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