View Full Version : Just got my IME and the doctor is the worst ***** I've seen

08-21-2009, 02:58 PM
This is probably my 10th IME and I thought I had seen it all.

The doctor (and I use the title unwillingly) put that I was a chronic abuser of my narcotic medications. No where in my medical records does it show anything near this In fact my doctors have always praised my use of my meds.

I know these ****** are protected by work comp regulations but I would think that this kind of a lie isn't protected. This jerk has dirtied my reputation and I'm going to check with my attorney to see if he can be reported to the medical ethics board.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Injured worker since 1995

08-24-2009, 10:23 AM
The doc said that they should cover my husband head but not his brain!!!!!!!

08-26-2009, 01:20 PM

I know exactly what you mean but you do have to remember I think workers comp pays for these exams.So naturally,they will be on their side.It is just not only devistating but depressing what they put in them and they are definitely not in your favor.

I had a functional capacity evaluation set up by workers comp.It was the most horrible ordeal I ever went through in my life. This man was very rude and yelled at me and had me crying.I was almost 60,have rsd and was in a lot of pain. When I read the his report he had lie after lie in it,said I lost my temper a lot and all kinds of garbage. My lawyer said it didnt matter what he said,but Im like you,I know it matters to you.I did research and found it he does speeches about workers compensation fraud.That explained it all. All my lawyer was interested in was settling and so I had to settle before the arbitrator and didnt get much at all .My lawyer suggested I not appeal it. I did turn this guy in to the professional regulation or whatever it was but never followed through.Usually I dont have much luck when I do that and I have done it about different drs.I know how upset you are.It is not fair the way wc treats people. Im anxious to see what your lawyer tells you about filing charges against him.Hope you had a better lawyer than I did.I just fired mine.My case has been reopened but wc said if the dr says I have rsd they wont pay a dime. Yes,I got open medical but what good does that do.My rsd was from a work related injury.I am going to fight back.And thats what you need to do also.I am tired of their games.

Good luck and let me know what your lawyer said about this

08-30-2009, 05:19 AM
I was put at 100 % disabilied but the wc doc said 75% and I'm faking it after 11 1/2 years. But make sure you have a doctor stand by you cause that's the only way I was able to get at least 87.5 rate. If I didn't except that it would have been up to the Judge and wc board and we you have to be almost dead to get 100% rating from them but a good doctor is almost better than a good lawyer

08-31-2009, 09:27 AM

WHen I had my FCE done by the physical therapist wc sent me to I think I was told here that my lawyer should have sent me to one of our choice that would be on our side. But all he wanted to do was settle.The arbitrator found me 50 per cent disabled in my left wrist which my whole arm was affected as it was set by reduction and the drs said I needed surgery. Then the commission took away 25 per cent for a previous injury from years and years ago and I didnt think that was fair.My lawyer told me it was in my best interet I didnt appeal the decision so I didnt. But had I known what the stipulation was for the open medical I would have. I still need to find me a good lawyer. I need to get on the ball but it seems about all I get done is the housework and dont feel like doing anything extra.

I am wondering if my lawyer could get in trouble for not telling me about the stipulation to the open medical.Id like to get my files. Someone here said he has to give them to me if I ask for them.Id love to see the correspondance between him and workers comp.


08-31-2009, 11:55 AM
The whole system sucks. You go to their doctors, your attorney is paid by the Worker's Comp. The only person that is truly on your side is YOU!

Then when you decide to find answers for yourself you find that the people who are paid by the system dont even know their own rules that must go by you get angry.

We have had 3 court dates this summer, the first one the judge had only allowed 1/2 a day for my husband's case, it took all morning long for just our Ombudsman (no not an attorney, that witch has been gone along time) to ask him questions. So the judge reset us. You know they have a 60 day window our first hearin before the judge was on June 8th, the second was set for Aug 3rd, pretty close to that 60 day mark, well the Ombudsman had an accident, she assured us they would expedite our case cause it has been 3 years, yeah right we are not set for Sept 30, man they barely got this one in before the 60 days.

For them this is no big deal, it is not their life they are playing games with. My husband's workman's comp case not only affects him, he has a traumatic brain injury, and the thing with short term memory you dont always remember the hell you are actually living, but I do. The stress of his WC case has brought out the MS in me, no I did not know I had MS until last year when one day I saw 2 of everything. Every since we received the reset date of his new hearing that was supposed to be expedited I have had a severe itch and rash and now my double vision is back.

Do they care about this HELL no, they go home to their perfect little world and Lord help them that they never become part of the system.


11-12-2009, 01:58 AM
When you are sent to their (Insurance Company's QME) they are paid to write a report that minamizes your injury and maximizes the QME or AME's pocket book. You are told "Nothing is wrong with you from the Industrial side of the injury. If you do have an injury it must be due from some prior trauma you had as a child!" So remember before you tell any doctor any intimate detail, they are not your friend or allie! Peace!